Kids Camping Activities

Camping is fun, but sometimes kids can get bored. However, there are many activities they can do. Here are some of the best camping activities for kids.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Kids love doing these and the outdoors is the best place for a hunt, and all you have to do is have the kids collect various items such as snail shells, colored rocks, oak leaves, pine cones and things of that nature. However, make sure the players stick to a small group, and you can make things even more fun by letting them use compasses and watches. Also, use cloth bags for the kids to store their items in and create a checklist so players can checkoff the items as they find them. The team that loses the hunt can roast the marshmallows, but don’t forget to let them enjoy them too.

2. Olympics

You can put together some Olympic games for the kids to enjoy, and some of the best games include the long jump, races and swimming in the water. You can also buy rope and have two teams play a game of tug of war, but make sure you keep the tone of the event light and organize games that the younger kids will enjoy too. Some of the best games include balancing in a pose the longest or skipping stones.

3. Story Contest

Kids love to tell stories and they will love it if you make tales up. If you cannot create a story, then makeup a folklore or share anecdotes about how your kids were when they were toddlers or babies. You can also play a game where you say one sentence of a story and the next person says the next line and so forth.

4. Watch Clouds

If you’re looking for something the kids can do during the middle of the day, then watch clouds. All you have to do is put a blanket down on the ground and watch the clouds. You can also play I Spy, but the cloud version. This will provide you and your kids with hours of entertainment, so make sure you give this a try.

5. Art and Craft

Kids love to craft, so get some glue, paper and scissors and some paper. You can have them draw pictures that are related to nature. You can also have them create art with stuff that they found while camping, and this includes sand, pine cones and shells.

6. Rainy Day Exploring

If it ends up raining out, then go out and explore and have fun splashing around in puddles and things of that nature. As long as the weather isn’t severe and it’s not lightening outside, then you and your kids will have fun. Just make sure you have some dry clothes you can change into because you don’t want to be stuck wearing wet clothing.

Any one of those activities should keep your kids entertained. They will love them. With that said, give them a try the next time you go camping with your kids.

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